Mohamed Malkawi Architects and Consulting Engineers is a leading consulting expertise, which is evolving at an epic pace in the industry, with spectacular projects in Jordan and the Middle East.

Established in 1979, by Architect Mohamed M. Malkawi, the firm is considered as one of the top in its fields and is classified by the Jordanian Engineers Association as a consultant office.

With more than 360 prestigious 'built' projects, our scope of works and projects excels to include consulting and supervision in many urban, architectural, landscape, interior and sustainable design fields. Our projects vary from large urban planning schemes to the smallest details of a lighting unit. Featured projects include:

- Educational Buildings: such as Amman Private University, University Schools (Jubiaha and Tariq).

-Headquarters Buildings: such as Petra Aluminum, Al Ittihad Glass, Qyadia , Paper Sacks and Factories.

-Commercial Buildings: such as Jordan Trade Center, Al-Louzi and Abood center.

-Sport Centers: such as Arena Hall At Amman University.

-Health and Care Buildings: such as Al Rasheed psychiatric Hospital.

-Gas Stations: such as Al Falih and Al Basha'er stations.

-Religious Buildings: such as Sefeen Mosque.

-Industrial Buildings: such as Petra, Ittihad , Qyadia , Paper Sackes and Jordanian Danish Diaries Factories.

-Residential Buildings: such as: His Excellency Mr. Quftan Al-Majali, Dr. S. Najjar, Mr. M. Luzi Villas Housing and Urban Planning: such as Dibbeen Chalets.

-Educational Libraries: such as Damascus University Library (Syria) and AL Hudaida University Library (Yemen)

-Joint venture with Dar Al Omran- Scope of work includes design development and full working drawings issuing.

-Interior Design: such as Izzat Marji Group, Bandar AL Hasan (Villory & Boch) and Quality for Marble show rooms. And a long list of high profile firms and clients.